Avatar Musik

usic is an indispensable part of life it makes me more happy than refreshing take along with your friends in the virtual world to play music avarta.
You are dynamic, love music and exciting dance. You search for an online game mobile phone with a world full of music and get a chance to meet up with friends across the country go to enjoy applications. Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

In Avatar Musik, the city will be sparkling, beautiful 3D designs along with youthful colors, bright but no less friendly. World Avatar Musik numerous friends, for all ages, personalities from all over the country so you can comfortably unique personality of the people themselves through unique fashion style, funny actions. With its eye-catching character designs, and many fashion clothes, trendy hairstyles, you unleash collaboration and creativity express their personalities.
  Age of War  No need to search further, TeaMobi will introduce a new product, a first 3D mobile game combines traditional Vietnamese music, dance and social network: Avatar Musik.Ban want a more youthful style , stronger, more sophisticated? A place where talent can assert, class and your own imprint?

     Age of War 6 Then let us confidently showing off their virtuosity skills in music exciting, challenging the nimble fingers of the same friends. Or you may suddenly meet a new friend with the loitering in the park so what. Furthermore you can comfortably communicate with your friends with the exciting interactive features between players with each other. With Avatar Musik, distance is no longer a source of some concern.

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