Final Fantasy Dimensions

Final Fantasy Dimensions is the pink candy for fans of the classic role-playing game series Final Fantasy. What more when playing a FF original gameplay style with modern enhancements. Square Enix put FFD as a love letter to the fans of Square Enix, like to say that they are still of interest to us as well as the Final Fantasy series. The old becomes new again, arrived at the player back into the role of the main character and save the world! Earn to die 5

Dimensions is a game or with a storyline can only talk through the 2 words: So great! The story is divided into 4 large chapter and under the context of the world are in the war between the forces of Light and Dark magic. You will became captain, leading his brothers and put everything back right where we belong through the story are fascinating led Square Enix. Earn to die 6

The game will make you move through the village devastated by war, the High Court to take advantage of the blue skies and the cave full of monsters. Both the Chocobo, flying ships and the large maze can make you crazy. The game's storyline full of nodes and open at the right time, not cause boring thanks to the changes properly.
Age of war 3

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