Sandstorm: Pirate Wars

Currently there are strategy games laojt everywhere and are very much popular go along with your friends to form a joint team players to battle your enemies   . Masha and the Bear: Game  this is fiction game hunting in the desert with a unique harmony of the world into the virtual world and discover many interesting things yet

-Pocket Gamer
When the captain of a warship flying Cat-Cruiser, you are the one survivor in bold in the land ruined by war, pollution and nuclear fallout.
Sandstorm: Pirate Wars single-player epic story set in a not too distant future, there is an online PvP arena battle, a formidable arsenal of weapons, and an armored hover train like tanks!

Discover an action RPG sci-fi world set in a post-apocalyptic desert inhabited by scary pirates and mutant scavengers.Age of War 

Real-Time Pirate Fight Arena game

• Defeat pirates from around the world in local and global Leaderboards
• Plunder defeat enemies to find the resources to customize and upgrade your fleet
• everyday tasks Perfect Pirate Arena for more loot
"The fight is fit to play, strategy, and tension, and the world is a genuine pleasure to explore. There are a Pirates Fallout aesthetic mixed with here, and it really draws you in."
• Invite your friends and crush them in PvP battle
Create and Modify Powerful War Machines

 Coose from a huge variety of weapons including Lasers, Drones, Mini-Guns and Cannons
• Strategically select combat systems to destroy your opponents tactically
• Upgrade your weaponry with materials obtained from exploration and salvage
• Customize your Ship by swapping out pieces and changing skins
Survive Desert Wastelands Age of War 6 
 Journey through arid desert space, gritty suburbs, ruined cities, and more
• Encounter treacherous enemies and mysterious allies of different factions
• Complete smuggler missions to earn resources to improve your flying Sand-Cruiser
• Loot and plunder fallen shipwrecks and discover rare combat Systems

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