Masha and the Bear: Game

 Masha and the Bear is a game being the most loving and thousands of hits per day. It is a collection of mini-games based on the popular cartoon series that Russian children are very loved.
All the characters in the cartoon "Masha and the Bear" in your plate! Your child will recognize the animated characters in this game.

Masha and Misha they can not do anything without the help of your kids. Collect fruits and sort them by type - not an easy task, Masha will need a responsible assistant. Hold shares of honey, bees greed drove him uplyvshuyu choose clothes in the river - which only happens in the woods! Do not forget to collect firewood for the winter, because simply not enough to see a piece of wood, your child will need help to sort Masha neat firewood regulations. Cook dinner, nor is it a simple matter picky and complicated. The magical world of "Masha and the Bear" - the unpredictable, and your child may be at risk to aircraft. Your baby will be happy with Masha walk on the picturesque glade and count the butterflies, and then help her overcome the many challenges in the Penguin hockey. In the evening, you can organize a concert to enjoy a peaceful life!
 The forest is full of instances in practice but in the virtual world space Guoi truth. Help your favorite hero to fight with the wicked! 10 exciting mini-games will bring fun for your kids, and parents need not worry that your kids spend too much time playing. The purpose of the application Indigo Kids - make your child reduce tensions after each class, using the game at times aligned tired. Masha and the Bear: Games for children - not just a set of 10 mini-games, this is a collection of education, to help children develop the skills of attention, intelligence, visual memory . In addition, your child will be able to practice skills mastered counting!

The game is suitable for children 2-9 years old, i. Learn by playing along with Indigo Kids!
Age of War 4
- For children 2-9 years old
- The game is suitable for boys and girls
- The plot of the mini-game based on the cartoon series
- 10 exciting mini-games
- Favorite cartoon character "Masha and the Bear" in each mini-game
- To develop logical thinking
- Teach math
- Develop and coordinate the response of the Movement
- Activate the account application and memory performance
- Development of intelligence and visual memory
- Intuitive interface baby
- Sound Design Pleasant
 This is extremely exciting game it gives you the great experience of relaxation reduces stress fatigue.

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