Firebug 2

Uh-oh, things are getting very hot again – and there’s no smoke without fire! Our good friend “Firebug” is back in action. Firebug 2 is a fun and addicting arcade sequel game where the lovable little character, Firebug, returns to take on more challenging platform levels. Just as in the original Firebug game, the cute little guy sets almost everything he touches aflame, so you must quickly jump from burning ledge to ledge to get to your ultimate goal of reaching the End Marker in each level.
There are more difficult challenges in this tricky sequel however, as Firebug has to open doors, spring from block to block, and avoid nasty new fire-spreading critters. You’ll need nifty fingers to succeed in this fast-paced platform game, as you have to quickly hop around collecting juicy jelly beans before the ledges burn away, sending poor Firebug down into the ocean (Oh no!). Are you ready to turn up the heat, Platform Master? Let’s see if your game playing skills catch fire!Earn to Die 

How to Play: The goal in each level is to maneuver the little guy to the End Marker located somewhere on the game screen (this is usually at the opposite end to where Firebug begins his journey, and transports him to the next level once he touches it). Complete each level in as fast a time as possible to score high. Collect the large tasty jelly beans along the way for bonus points. Collect all the “normal” jelly beans on a level in order to earn “Golden” jelly beans which you can spend on new outfits for Firebug for added fun. There are two game modes – Campaign and Tournament. In Campaign Mode, you go through the normal levels, while in Tournament Mode, you take on levels that have been custom designed by other gamers.
Control Firebug using the Arrow Keys or the WASD keys on your computer keyboard. Instead of using the Up Arrow or W to jump, you can also use your X and M keys. Each time Firebug touches off one of the brown blocks, they catch fire and burn away in a few seconds. If you don’t hop off quickly, he falls into the water below, and you have to restart the level. In some levels, there is a Purple Switch that you have to burn off to open doors to allow access to the End Marker. There are also other little critters that spread fire around once Firebug touches off them. Try and avoid these if possible. At the top of the game screen, a Points Counter counts down from 1000. Finish each level as quickly as possible to ensure you score high.

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