Milkshake Maker


Mmm, a delicious, frosty milkshake sounds good right about now, right? Create Desserts with Milk Maker Review, cooking chocolate and design the best games around! Treat real cream with this fun app, perfect to beat the summer heat or just relax with a delicious ice cream in your mouth gorgeous. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry or banana, all flavors are here, and all were delicious! 

Start cooking real milkshakes, delicious chocolate soon as you get this app. Simply select your ice cream flavor, add a little milk, then turn it on to start cooking your treatment. Cream did not need much coaxing to turn into a milkshake, so give it a few seconds, then pour into a glass of ice and you're ready to go.
But hold on, there, you forget to decorate it! Add tons of different designs and cakes to your delicious ice cream, everything you need to turn a plain chocolate milkshake into a real dessert! Add sprinkles, frostings, ice cream, candy, fruit and more. Your only limit is your imagination, so go wild and start cooking a milkshake you will never forget! You can even save and share your creation with your friends. Make them jealous and challenged them to a contest milkshake. Yummy!

- Make your very own milkshake from scratch!
- Pictures of real ingredients make the desserts come alive.
- Yummy ice cream designs for the perfect treat.
- Tons of milkshake flavors you'll love!
- Plenty of toppings to decorate and design with!

How to Play:
- Use the touch screen to choose your milkshake flavors.
- Mix everything together and pour it into a glass.
- Add toppings, sip and enjoy!

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