You need a lot of things to take care of your pet's strange?! Feed it, clean it, play with it and watch it grow up while leveling up and unlocking different wallpapers and outfits together to meet your unique taste. How you customize your POU? 

* Feed and take care of Pou, and watch it grow!
* Playing games in the game room and collect the coins!
* Experiment with Potions at the lab!
* Customize Pou's appearance!
* Try new outfits, hats and sunglasses!
* Customize each room's Wallpaper!
* Unlock Achievements and Special items!
* Visit and play with your friends!
* Talk to Pou and listen again! Age of War 2 

We're always listening to your suggestions to improve Pou and add new stuff! If you have any issue with the game, just contact us and we will help you! (we can't reply to comments)
Pou is available in English, French, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, Danish, Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Persian and Arabic.

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