ICEE Maker Game


When the thermometer rises, bring it back with a refreshing, chilling, ICEE! Think you're craving this legendary drink now? Just wait until you build, irresistible combination of flavors in the final ICEE MAKER! Your taste buds will take you to the nearest ICEE machine! Milkshake Maker

Let the fun begin by choosing your cup and lid design or create your very own mug! Next, choose from 20 different ICEE flavors, or create and name their very own taste ban.that great for relaxation and recreation Demonstrate your skills and become an official ICEE mixologist !
When it is time to cool the computer, do not worry, it is much more interesting than real life cleaning! Once you've done that machine sparkle like new, great creative individuals involved in your fun ICEE ICEE bear and paste khac.that great for relaxation and entertainment And who could forget the straw? Digging in and choose one of the many swirling, curly, straw xoay.that great for relaxation and recreation You can even add colored stripes and logo to increase the attractiveness of it interesting.
Now that your drink is just the way you like it, slurp it down and enjoy it to the last drop, share it on Facebook, email it to a friend, or save it in the freezer to enjoy later! Maybe you’re up for an ICEE challenge? See how many ICEEs you can drink in 30 seconds, but be sure to pace yourself… if you drink too fast, you will get a brain freeze! After all, ICEEs were made to be perfect, not painful! You won’t need snow cones, popsicles, ice pops or frozen yogurt when you can enjoy the absolute coolest treat around with ICEE MAKER!

Thanks for making us the #1 APP on the ENTIRE app store! We appreciate all of our loyal fans and customers!

About Us
ICEE Maker is brought to you by Sunstorm Games, the inventors of the Sunnyville series and the MAKER series of games, Fair Food Maker, Dessert Maker, and Candy Maker to name just a few.
ICEE Maker is free to play but in-app purchases are available in the game. 

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