Tiny Monsters

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Needs to update social 

After reading some of the reviews, there's no doubt that I'm not the only one with this. When I try to visit someone, it says that they've opted out of social. I kind of like that you can't visit people without social, but you should really just take my advice, and I'll change my ratings and I'm sure a lot of people will too. Make it to where you can only visit people with social, because it will be a lot less annoying and you won't keep getting bad reviews about it. And I also notice that you're getting a lot of trouble about crashing, I play on my tablet too and it either crashes or takes forever to load. So instead of slowly getting worse reviews about little problems to fix, just please fix these things and you'll see I'm right. ( I love this game, but you have awful ratings, so it's time to take action!! ). ****UPDATE TO REVIEW, FEB 26, 2015**** Seriously, TinyCo? I can't even open the game, and I have a 4s. I am SOOO close to deleting this stupid game. Seriously, if this isn't fixed by April I am deleting it and leaving my horrible review to crush your ratings. You clearly don't even care about your customers. Warning to anyone thinking of buying this game: don't. All it does is draw you in, take your money, and stop working.
I love this game, but... 

I am so addicted to this game, but there should be something added to it. I think it would be nice if there was an quicker and easier way to get diamonds without having to do mission after mission. Instead, there should be a diamond mine, which collects diamonds over time, but can only be collected if the player actually goes on the game to redeem them. Every 12 hours it should farm about 3 to 4 diamonds. I think they should be upgradable too, so you can get even more diamonds. If this was actually in the game, it should be pretty expensive to buy. Maybe around 200,000 coins. This is just an idea though. I hope you read it. Thanks for the awesome game!

Best game but a few things that should be added 

Tiny monsters is one of the best games I have on my phone the first being MCPE and second being all of the FNAF games I have. But anyways I was thinking that it would be cool if u could make ur own names for the monsters instead of it creating one for u. So this is how it could work…u can rather create ur own name for the monsters or if 

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