Chicken Splash Egg Rescue

Hen with chicks playing at home, with the eagle suddenly started losing chickens ferocious mother go.

That he felt brave changdung snatched eggs in a tall tree. duoduo Chick leads the siblings together to rescue the mother chicken escape from the lair of the eagle,
Chickens devised but clever ruse to climb to the top to rescue his little friends as well as chicken mother.
Brave Chicken began to face the next challenge for all, overcome dangerous challenges.
• more than 250 great levels, colorful adorable 6 chicken
• New and improved game modes, different tricks to bring you a variety of different conditions is full of challenges.

• Hundreds of fun levels, constantly updated to bring you a steady stream of fun levels
• Easily sync the game between devices when connected to the Internet
• Leaderboards to watch your friends and your competitors!
• Special boosters to help you get through the difficulty levels
• Free and easy to play, challenging to master!
• Available to play on mobile devices and tablets
Let's fight to save chicks hen .... this is the app gives you a great challenge to scout for it is fierce yet Please join Age of War 4 

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