Bloons TD 4

Customer Reviews

Awesome game! 
I know there's no money to be made in it so you guys aren't going to optimize it for iPod/iPhone 5 screens. But, could you at least put in an option to stretch the screen? I've screwed up so many times because I've tried tapping the black edge of the screen to bring up the towers menu. This is game much better than BTD5, but it can be more difficult to manuever because of the screen size.
Fun but crash a lot. 
Fun game, it start to crash often after level 50. Also it feels a waste of time if I don't get a chance to continue on the last level before running out of life for a second try without starting all over again at level 1. It should have a continue on last level played even after loosing the game. The game drains battery very fast and it crash a lot on each higher lever you go.
Love this game! Tons of fun, well-designed challenges. However, it does need some serious testing, and a little more thought put into UX (a pain to restart level while playing, some buttons oddly-worded)
I would love to be able to listen to music on other apps while playing, but this app kills sound from anything else 

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