Baby Dino Virtual Pet Game

Let's take a very cute dinosaurs and enjoy countless hours of fun and hilarious. With feelings like life, gorgeous graphics and fluid animations, it will feel more like baby dinosaurs are real, and we hope you will love him just like a real pet animals yours.

So, you need to apply phaii, love, play, dress, teach, clean and decorate your Dino and his little house?

Main function:
emotional life is like: Your dinosaur acts like a real pet and get happy, sleepy and sad depending on how you treat him well like.
Nurture: Care baby dinosaur by feeding, cleaning, playing with and get him to sleep when he is tired.
Customize: Dress for your dinosaur becomes nicer and choose from over 1,000,000 combinations of dresses, shirts, hat, beard and glasses.Age of War 6 
Construction: Building of your dreams by choosing wallpaper, furniture and decorations that they become attractive and interesting beauty

Garden: Grow your own flowers, plants and fungi eat in the lovely garden.
Labels: Find and collect a lot of virtual dinosaur sticker baby doing silly things!
Music: Create music with virtual instruments such as piano, drums and guitar.
Pet evolution: Combines Small pets and watch them grow from egg to larger creatures when fully developed.
Mini-games: Play one of 15 mini-games and earn money!
Paint: Draw beautiful pictures with over 18 different colors and share them with your friends together to play this exciting game.
Construction: actual physical experience of the building blocks of rooms.
Aquarium: Let's take care of fish and create space for your own aquarium. Free Online Games

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