Doctor Trickle

Help the good Doctor to save the world in Doctor Trickle – a simple tetris-style game. One of Doctor Trickle’s science experiments has failed, and he has accidentally created thousands of little creatures. These creatures, known as Trickles, are rapidly multiplying and spreading all over the world. Your must help to to stop them before they overtake the whole planet! Combine 4 or more Trickles to stop their spreading. The more Trickles you combine, the more points you get.

Note that if you let the little creatures build up the top of the game area, the game is over. The next coming pair of Trickles, as well as your score are shown at the right side of the game screen. Turn the sound on/off at the bottom of the game screen if you prefer to play in silence to help your concentration. Remember, the higher the level, the faster the speed the little creatures will come down!Earn to Die 
How to Play: Use the Left and Right Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to move the falling Trickles left or right. To rotate a pair of Trickles, use the ‘up’ arrow key (this is very helpful and a good trick when the game speeds up). The ‘down’ arrow key drops the Trickles down. Click ‘P’ to pause the game.

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