Bring at Least One High Energy Hero

The more energy it costs to deploy a hero in battle, the stronger it is. Heroes that take four or five energy may be hard to deploy in battle, but once they are on the field, they can take out a whole lot of enemies. Consider bringing at least one of these with you.
A successful team always has at least one hero of each class (Balance, Tank, Damage and Runner), and an extra one of any of those depending on your playing style. A good strategy is to keep your Damage heroes attacking from the rear and protecting them with Tanks and the occasional Runner.
Upgrading your heroes improves their stats regardless of their level or evolution state, and may also decrease their deploy cooldown and increase their movement speed. There are currently 30 possible upgrades for each hero, which unlock as you level them up. If you have all the treasures ready for a locked upgrade, do not hesitate to use coins to level up the hero and unlock the upgrade.Earn to Die 

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