City Siege 2

City Siege 2 (Resort Siege) is a fun-filled shooting game for kids and teens where you have to protect a Beach Resort by eliminating all the nasty enemy troops, and at the same time, try not to harm poor innocent civilians. Your mission in this exciting shoot-em-all adventure game is to both protect and eliminate, and use outstanding shooting skills and sneaky stealth tactics! Just when you thought it was all over, you decided to take a vacation. Then all of a sudden, this happens! Those darn Baddies are back in full force, but this time they are trying to take over the beach of all places! You need to stop them before they take complete control.

Remember, don’t hit any friendly civilians! It’s your job to build and control an army of selected units and complete the task assigned to you at the start of each level. Be careful. The enemy will shoot at you once they see you, so you have to try and sneak up on them and then blast them out of it! Try and collect all the gold stars to earn virtual money. You can use this virtual money to hire new units and upgrade them, at the end of each level. Taking out a civilian (for whatever reason) will incur virtual cash penalties! Shoot sensibly! Exercise extreme caution! VIP’s (Very Important People) must be saved in order to successfully complete missions.Earn to Die 

This version of the classic City Siege game series involves more levels, more units and even more destruction! The Baddies now have powerful tanks and helicopters to use against you (and they will!). This is one beach vacation you’re not going to forget in a hurry! OK Soldier, ready for some beach-side blasting?

How To Play: Left Click on your computer mouse to select units. Use the Arrow Keys or the WASD keys on your computer keyboard to control the unit. Use your computer mouse to aim at the enemy and Left Click on it to fire at them. You can see your unit’s health bar on top of the character (in green). Every time you get shot, your health reduces. Look at the map at the top of the game screen to see all the character’s positions in the playing field.
You can see what’s ahead of you by pointing with your mouse at the edges of the screen and scrolling backwards and forwards. To select or switch between units, use the Numeric keys (1,2,3,4,5). To evacuate civilians and VIP’s, just run into them. You can use the Deploy button (at the bottom of the game screen) to introduce new units into the battle. Baddies only fire if they can see you. Last but not least, be warned – some objects explode! Good luck!

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