Rally Point 3

Better fasten your seat belt partner, it’s time for a rip-roaring, all-action Rally car racing adventure! Rally Point 3 is an awesome fun and fast-paced new version of the popular Rally Point series of racing games (with really cool 3D graphics) where you have to zoom around exotic tracks, and set impressive new lap records. This challenging and intense driving experience game should appeal to all of you cross-country Rally and NASCAR enthusiasts out there. It is not a case of simply putting your foot to the floor – you have to exhibit good driving skills in order to succeed in the world of competitive motor sport racing. Drift around tricky corners while expertly dodging fast-approaching fences and obstacles, and reach that elusive finish line as fast as you can. Ok Rally Master, it’s time to strap on your helmet, and get down to the starting grid! Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines! VRRRROOOOM!

How to Play: Note: This game requires Adobe Shockwave Player to play. Your ultimate goal is to unlock (and set a new lap record for) each of the 6 different tracks (levels). When you start, 3 out of the 6 tracks are unlocked, so select the one you want to race on. There are also 6 different racing cars to choose from (and just like the tracks, 3 are unlocked to begin). Once you choose your track and car, it’s show time! At the top of the screen, your target time (the track lap record set by the game) is displayed. Complete the track under that time limit to unlock another track and to progress to your next preferred circuit.

Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard or touchscreen to maneuver your vehicle. Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake / Reverse; Left & Right Arrows = Steer the car. For an extra burst of speed, press and hold your Z key (the “Zoom” button). The Zoom Status Bar (located in the bottom left corner) indicates how dangerously hot the engine is getting; You have to show your experience in order to ensure that your car doesn’t overheat! If you hold your Z key down for too long, the Zoom Status Bar flashes, and eventually your car will explode! Oops! So to avoid that scenario, don’t get too trigger-happy with the Zoom! Hit Shift on your keyboard, or your X Key to ‘drift’ around the trickier corners.
The Red Towers that appear every few seconds on either side of the track act as Checkpoints. Each time you pass through one of them, a “Split” time appears; This is a checkpoint time that indicates whether you are under or over record pace. If the Split time is Green, you are on course for the lap record. However, if it’s Red, you’d better speed up! Remember, practice makes perfect – keep trying, and soon you could beat the set track record on each of the 6 circuits. As always, safe driving!

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