Coaster Racer 3

Thrill-seekers of the world – Rejoice! It’s time for another adrenaline-pumping racing game that takes place on some of the planet’s most awe-inspiring, hair-raising rollercoaster tracks! Coaster Racer 3 is a breathtaking adventure where you control buggies, motorbikes, and Formula 3 racing cars on a succession of some of the fastest rollercoasters imaginable in a race against computer-driven competitors. If you are afraid of dizzying heights and awesome speeds, you’d better play another game on Learn4Good! However, if you’re interested in conquering these absolutely massive circuits, and in competing at the “highest” level of global racing (literally!), then it’s time to Fast Pass your way to the top of the line!Earn to Die 
Coaster Racer 3 offers you all of the classic elements of a good, all-round racing action – car upgrades, nitro boosters, time trial levels, stunning crashes, high-octane competition, and more! The added incentive is that you can accomplish all of this while experiencing some truly majestic rollercoaster rides. Suitable for racing fans of all ages, this in-depth theme-park simulation game requires a cool head, slick driving skills, and a taste for the spectacular! Life indeed is a rollercoaster, so you must be prepared for some (virtual) ups and downs too along the way! (If you like this game, see if you can find other Coaster Racer titles on Learn4Good.)

How to Play: When the game is fully loaded, a blue Continue button appears in the bottom right corner. The Coaster Racer Championship takes place over 16 main tour races, with a number of time-trial levels, and additional challenges running alongside the main races. Each of the 16 stages has to be unlocked by finishing well in the previous race. You begin racing in a kind of a go kart-style buggy, but unlock a motorbike (beat Level 3) and a Formula 3 race car (beat Level 6) as you progress. Once all three vehicles have been unlocked, you can choose to race in any one of them. While racing, control your vehicle 

using the Arrow Keys or the WASD Keys on your computer keyboard; Up Arrow / W = Accelerate; Down Arrow / S = Brake &Reverse; Left & Right Arrows / A & D = Steer.
Your race position is indicated along the top (center) of the game screen. In the top left corner, your Nitro Bars fill up as you progress along the track. When one of them is full (there are 4 Nitro Bars in total), press the X or Z key to receive a huge burst of speed. You can increase your Nitro Bars more quickly by going ‘no hands’ while driving; press the M key to take your hands off of the wheel. However, be careful, as you cannot steer the car while driving with ‘no hands’. After each race, you can use virtual income earned (from finishing high in previous races) to purchase cool upgrades for your buggy / bike / car. The races and tracks increase in difficulty as you progress, so these upgrades are essential if you want to achieve continued success.

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