Collect Those Stars

  Collect Those Stars   Stars are important, because you’ll need them to progress to the next world. The number of stars you get when you clear a stage will depend on your score. 

You’ll need a pretty high score in order to get the max number of three stars, and there are two ways to do it.   Age of War   The first way is to clear stages with as many moves left over as possible. 

For every move you have left at the end of a stage, one of your pieces of fruit will turn into a special piece, giving you a lot of points. The second way is to create as many special pieces as you can while playing. These will automatically boost your score at the end of a stage.

     Cubefield Game    Tour to connect with your friends on Facebook. Compete with your pals or give and receive presents like hearts and stars! If you’re running out of hearts or you don’t have enough stars to make it to the next world, reach out for a helping hand from your friends and have loads of fun as you do!

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