The Best Troop Cards You’ll Need to Employ

 Pay close attention to your Elixir meter as you pull out new cards and put ’em into play. Fight the urge to put out a powerful troop at the beginning of a match; play the type of cards who’s value reaches up to a max level of four. Use smaller units at first in order to flood the battlefield and whittle down your foe’s tower health. It’s better to let your towers wipe out the smaller troops attacking them instead of spending Elixir to spawn a card in order to defeat them. You should only spend some Elixir to spawn a powerful troop when you know you’ll have enough to spend on another troop right after. Don’t be the type of player who overspends Elixir and has little to none to work with against an overwhelming force.Earn to Die 
 When it comes to the troop cards you’ll want to definitely carry into battle, we have a few favorites. Goblins and Super Goblins are cheap when it comes to spending Elixir, so it’s easy to throw a bunch of ’em on the battlefield. Archers are great long-range troops who you should set up near your towers. Baby Dragons can avoid the attacks of some troops, plus its fireball attacks have the ability to wipe out more than one troop at once. Barbarians pack a lot of HP, which makes them great “Tank” type characters who last a good while and can tear up enemy troops quickly. Golems are the strongest troop type there is, so throw one out near the ending moments of a match to nab the win ASAP. Giant Skeleton, Minion Horde, Wizard and Prince cards come in handy too, so adopt a strategy for them that works for you.

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